Saturday, February 27, 2010

So Tired

Ever had a week that you finish and wonder if you can do it again? I have.

This past week was a rough one. I'd like to not repeat it. The Boss Man is getting crazier by the day. If you would have asked me six months ago if this was possible I would have said an emphatic "NO Way!".

The additional craziness explained... partially... I was walking along with him at one point this week and we were talking about an ongoing project. Every ten or so steps he'd either interrupt me or himself with an under the breath curse accompanied by a full body jerk and a quick wave of the hand. It was like the tantrum of a five year old. But he just kept walking along and didn't say what was wrong. He just kept doing it. I just kept walking and talking like nothing was the matter. Maybe I'm the crazy one. Still debating that one.

Later on his way to lunch he walked into my office and did the same thing. This time it was followed up with him ripping the bluetooth earpiece from his head and tossing it on my desk. "The DAMN thing beeps every time I get an email!" Ah. The light comes on. Now I get it. He reacts to voicemails the same way. A quick curse and throw of the hands in utter exasperation any time he gets a new voice mail. Now with the new laws on hands free driving he wears one of those cursed bluetooth ear pieces any time he's away from his desk.

The wheels were turning. That morning when I showed up to work I had at least twenty emails from him asking for various things. I decided to answer all of them while he was at lunch. I could just see him sitting at the restaurant throwing his tantrums. Yep. I can be a little passive aggressive.

*** By the way the Ghost visited this week. Yes. We have a Ghost. I'll tell you about him soon. He's quite something.


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