Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Funny. Not.

Have you ever met somebody who is just not funny? Not only are they not funny but they think they're funny but are unable to tell a simple joke? Me too. I work for one.

He wants to be funny. He tries to be funny. He's just not. At all. Funny.

When he tries it comes off as pathetic. Sad really. It's typically a reused joke that someone else has already worn out.

For example, one night a couple of us were hanging out in the office just goofing off. One of the guys had a question about a knot and I showed him how to tie it. This began an informal knot class which led to the ultimate noose knot. After learing how to tie the knot my coworker took the string and knot and strung up this little knick-knack stuffed animal the boss has at his desk. He left it there for the boss to find the next morning hung from the ceiling above his computer.

I don't know why he did it, he just did. Which I guess is what made it funny. It was random. That kinda funny.

Flash to the next morning. I walk into my office to find a small statuette I had on my deskmy strung up in the same knot. This time there was a note attached to it from my boss which read "I got you back sucker!". Oh boy, I was on the floor in hysterics. Not. I didn't find it very funny but he did. He was just waiting for me to come in to watch my face when I saw it. I know this because he was standing right behind me when I turned around. He let me know how funny it was that he got me back.

My coworker who was the one who started it all was nearby trying not to laugh. That's what was funny and my boss had no idea. I just let him think that he got me.


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