Friday, March 5, 2010

Shhh! Do You Smell That?

This must be a common problem at most work places... the smelly 'fridge. A communal food storage device is just asking for an odor problem. Am I right?

Ours reeks. Horribly. I'm afraid to put my food in there because I don't know what might be lurking that wants to glom onto my food. It's so bad it's hard to even open the door.

The strange thing is is that it is relatively new and appears to be clean. It is a late model euro design stainless steel model with all the auto-fancy gadgets. There is not a hint of mold crusted food or fuzzy fruit. By all appearances it should smell cold and fresh. But it does not.

I happen to be a brown-bagger so daily use of the icebox is pretty much a given. It is because of this daily use that I feel the need to solve the malodorous mystery. Others use it too but none have stepped forward to solve, let alone acknowledged that there is even a problem.

Last month I bought some Arm & Hammer refrigerator packs and put them in. Still stinks and I seem to be the only one that cares. I guess the next step is the bleach bath.


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