Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Down the Drain

Rules for flushing the toilet are fairly simple.
  • Rule #1: you flush when you're done
  • Rule #2: you give a courtesy flush when you're in a public bathroom going #2 and stinking up the place
That's pretty much it. Right?


Especially at The Asylum.

The plumbing at The Asylum is loud. Plain and simple. It is loud. Loud enough that when somebody in the upstairs bathroom flushes everyone can hear it. This is how I know what I know. And what I know is that there are two inmates at The Asylum that don't follow the rules. They are outside the box. Way outside.

Flush... Flush... Flush... Flush... Flush... This is what we hear when either Harriet or the Boss is using the facilities. Not one. Not two, but an average of five. FIVE Flushes. Sometimes it's more and rarely it's less.

Since these are single user bathrooms rule #2 is out. Unless it is a self courtesy flush. Being kind to their own olfactory senses. Could be. But it is still weird. What does one eat that requires multiple flushes.

It has been going on for as long as we've been in The Asylum. It isn't occasionally, it is most everyday. Flush... Flush... Flush... Flush... - - - - Flush... Then we start laughing. "We" being the poor souls downstairs that have to suffer through the flushes. The flushing will start and inevitably one of us will say "flush" and then the betting starts on how many there will be. You've got to guess the correct number, we don't allow any overs or unders. There's no prize, just the satisfaction of guessing the correct flush count. What the heck, it helps us pass the time.


What is worse, oh yes it gets worse, is that these are two of the non-hand washers. They're doing something so bad to the toilet that it requires at least five flushes and then they don't wash their hands. How can this be? How can you sit there flushing and then think it's okay to not wash your hands. *Gag* I've got to stop. *Glurp* I just threw up a little in my mouth.


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