Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Kick to the Crotch

Spring break brings more visits from Future Boss. It also brings his sister around more too. She doesn't come around as often so she's not as familiar with the surroundings as her brother.

This week I got a special visit from both. They teamed up on me to garnish some goodies from my office. Since it is the season of Lent I am abstaining from sugar for 40 days. Next to coffee, it is the closest thing I have to an addiction. For the 40 days I decided to empty my office of the typical stash of sweetened goodies.

"Hey kids! I guess it must be spring break since you should be in school this time of day."

"Yep" as they both check the bowl for the latest goody to snack on. The their dismay they find it empty. "Where's the candy?" asks Future Boss. Although he's younger he plays the ring leader.

"There is no money in the budget for candy this month"

"I don't believe you"

"Fair enough"

"Is it in your drawer?"


"Yes, it is"

'Sorry kids. No candy during Lent. You'll have to wait until Easter to have some in this office"

"Nope. You've got some."

"Nope. I don't." Now I'm in a silly argument with a kid. Uhg.

"Show me where the candy is or my sister will kick you in the crotch"

*Stunned* "She'll do what?"

"She will kick you in the crotch"

With the stern look of a father who won't take this from a kid no matter who his father is "Listen youngster. That is not appropriate and you need to leave at this moment."

They run away. To daddy.

Did I say anything to daddy? Nope. Guess where they learn this behavior. He'd just laugh it off like he has in the past. Sad really. Sad. This kid has no hope.


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