Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Asylum

Where I work is of no consequence.

Whom I work with, or for, is of utmost importance.

My name is Schmo and I work for crazy people. Not the kind of crazy you see on the streets of downtown Middleton but the kind of crazy you meet in everyday life and just gawk at. The kind of crazy you make fun of because it's okay to. They don't know they're crazy. I guess no crazy person really knows they're crazy, but this is different. They move through life with us normal people and blend in for the most part. They aren't wearing their undies over their clothes but once you get to spend time with them the undies start showing up. Metaphorically speaking of course.

I've overstayed my welcome at The Asylum. My departure is long overdue. The craziness has driven me to this. A blog. How long I can keep it up is not known. But I will try to, as long as I can, convey the madness to you. Maybe it's not how long I can keep it up rather how long you can keep up with it before lumping me in with the crazies for staying at The Asylum.

My name is Schmo and this is my life. My view from The Asylum.


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